The Ghost of Caroline Wald


The Ghost of Caroline Wald is a gripping, moving, and beautifully written novel, as compelling as any in the horror genre today.


Irreverent and rebellious, newly-minted eighteen-year-old Frankie Johns discovers the ghost of a teenage girl (Caroline Wald) residing in the abandoned undertaker’s house up the street. She is beautiful and seems very sweet. He also discovers a little cache of skeletons piled behind a false wall in the basement of the house. There is perhaps something quite evil living there, as well. He is nevertheless infatuated by the ghost, and she convinces him to dig up her grave to retrieve her diary, which had been buried with her. 

The diary shows a diabolical change in the girl from sweet little thing to murderous monster. She explains it away, but Caroline Wald might not be what she appears to be. 

At the same time Frankie is struggling with what it means to be newly grown up, and is trying to find some direction for his life. He is trying to get into college and decide on what he will do with himself. 

He does battle with a great evil living in the house, the police, his best friend, and his parents. 

The Ghost of Caroline Wald is a fascinating novel with taut, suspenseful storytelling and rich, unforgettable characters. At times poignant, funny, and scary, this young adult/coming of age story will appeal to adults as well.


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