If you have to write something, you probably could use help with your writing. 

Whether you're writing a paper for school, a thesis, legal pleadings, a full length novel, or anything in between, you would benefit from having someone review your work. Someone who knows how to write. All it often takes to substantially improve your writing is a few tweaks. That's what I propose to do for you.

I am not a line editor or proofreader, although I will point out any errors I see. There are plenty of people who do that. I review your work for for sentence structure, word usage, flow, clarity and, to some extent punctuation if I see something you are consistently doing wrong.

I find that by looking at the first ten pages of a work I can see errors that if corrected throughout the work would make it vastly superior. For review of these ten pages I charge ten bucks. That's it. 

Send me ten bucks and ten pages, and I'll mark the pages up with what I think would improve it, and send it back.

Questions you may have:

What are your qualifications? I'm a published author (A Beast in Venice), I have Master's Degree in business and a law degree. I've mastered the craft and take great pride in it, and enjoy helping others improve their writing.

Can't I just use an online critique site? You definitely should use them. I recommend Critique Circle and Scribophile. But you have to be careful. Put up a work and see what happens. If you get five critiques, all five will say something different. Most of the people giving critiques are there for the same reason you are. Are they qualified to critique your work? Go look at what they have put up. You'll see that in general, their writing is no better than yours. And much of the advice you get there is just plain wrong.

What about critique groups? The same rule applies to critique groups as to critique sites. Unless your fellow group members are published authors, or graduates of an MFA program in creative writing, or something like that, then why are they any better than you? They're not. You can certainly get their reactions, but I think there's more danger of causing more harm than good. Take whatever they say with a grain of salt.

Can't I just use a grammar checker? No. I've looked at a number of them and found them to be useless, unless English is your second language, or you're in third grade. There are some basic things they may help you with, but they don't find things writers need to fix. Save your money. I wrote a blog on the subject here. 

What if I don't like your comments? You won't like them all. I will be direct and professional, but you may disagree with some of my comments. That's fine. If you have a serious issue just ask for your money back.

What if I have questions? Send me your questions and I'll try to answer them. If I feel that it's becoming too much work, I'll tell you and we will try to come to an arrangement.

To order the Ten Pages for Ten Bucks, click the "Buy Now" button and pay through PayPal. At the same time, send the form below with the ten pages pasted into the text box. If you have any trouble, Contact Me.

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